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Dižozols / News

Dižozols Plus takes an important step towards sustainability

Dižozols plus has launched the project “Construction of a solar power plant”, within the framework of which investments will be made in the purchase of renewable electricity generation equipment (with a capacity of up to 499kw) and a total of 3,400 m² of solar panels will be installed on the roof of the production facility.

PLYTEC veneer patching machine installed

We have started this year by upgrading our woodworking equipment with powerful PLYTEC veneer patching machine.
The main idea in veneer patching is to upgrade the quality of a veneer by removing certain defects, even quite large ones, from the veneer sheet and replacing it with a good quality veneer patch. When this is done by machine, the result is faultless, consistent, and neither hard wood species nor thick veneers generate any problems.

Increasing energy efficiency in DIŽOZOLS PLUS furniture factory

The implementation of the project “Significant increase of energy efficiency in Dižozols Plus furniture factory” was completed in accordance with the plan by June 30, 2020. According to the project, windows and gates have been replaced, the roof has been replaced and additional insulation has been provided. Significant energy efficiency savings will be achieved, which (according to the energy audit) are planned to be at least 492.14 MWh / year. Energy savings will be 58.32% compared to the situation before the project. Thermal energy savings will also directly ensure a reduction of CO2 emissions by 129,924.94 kgCO / year.